Welcome to our website

From the current SURS President

Dear colleagues and friends, as current president of the Society of Robotic Urologic Surgery (SURS), I am thrilled to welcome you to this website, which represents a remarkable milestone for our young Society. We conceived this digital platform as a crossroad where all the activities of SURS can be sustained, facilitated, and promoted.

We have several outstanding projects and initiative that SURS leadership has put together, and I am sure you will find these interesting and stimulating. I want to take this time to remind you all to reflect upon our mission as SURS, and I encourage you to consider being more involved in our Society. To all urologists learning or practicing robotic surgery, SURS is your society. Let us be the forum that represents your voice, attend to your educational needs, and be a hub that showcase your achievements and success.

Thanks for your interest in SURS.

Jihad Kaouk MD FACS FRCS (Hon)